Studying for a Master’s degree in Industrial Design has been a long-held dream – it became reality in 2022 when I got accepted for the Master’s degree at Central Saint Martins University in London. Below are some of the product concepts I designed to apply at universities and a selection of projects I worked on so far in the Masters’s course.

Soundsystems | CSM Project

Our second university project was to build and code a synthesizer which can be used in a fictional future scenario where people live on the moon and have no free speech.

BoxKit | Portfolio Project

For my master’s applications, I did a series of fictional projects. BoxKit was a product concept which should make single boxing training more effective and fun by combining an app and interactive training modes.

Making things public | CSM Project

Our brief for this project was to conceptualise a machine which gives people the possibility to experience a matter of concern. While operating the machine, the user should understand and learn about this issue in a joyful and playful way.

Easyt | Portfolio Project

Another project for my master’s application was Easyt which aimed to make eating for people with parkinson’s disease easier. My idea was to make eating less stressful by creating special, magnetic cuttlery in combination with a magnetic ring.

Rozy | CSM Project

In this project, we had to create an idea which contributes to one of the 17 UN Development Goals of 2022. Each group got a location assigned which should be observed to find relevant issues. Our location was Finsbury Park in North London.


SCENTSES is a symbiosis between visual and olfactory stimulation – realized in a combination of mobile and essential oil diffuser. By hopefully improving well-being, SCENTSES is aligning with the Wellcome Collection’s exploration of human’s engagement with themselves and the world around them.